Week of 6/1/20 – 6/5/20

Good morning!  I hope everyone had a good weekend.

Reminder: Students have a week to complete the assignments.  Please work at your own pace and around a schedule that works for you.

Assignments for this week:

Seesaw Lessons (via technology)

  • Phonics: OU and OW Practice
  • ELA: The Gruffalo
  • Math: Chapter 12 Lesson 1 – Sort Two-Dimensional Shapes
  • Math: Chapter 12 Lesson 2 – Describe Two-Dimensional Shapes
  • Math: Mystery Picture
  • Science: Mystery Doug – Butterflies
  • Social/Emotional: Emoji Check-in


Notebook or Loose-leaf

  • Book Review Sack


“Specials” Schedule

Mondays – Library               www.fsufsdlibrary.weebly.com

Tuesdays – Gym                  polkstreetpe.weebly.com

Wednesdays – Music           www.flipgrid.com or the FLIPGRID App

Thursdays – Gym                 polkstreetpe.weebly.com

Fridays – Art                      www.flipgrid.com or the FLIPGRID App