Book Response Activity List

Please complete each activity only once.

  1. What was the main idea of the story?
  2. Tell about the beginning, middle, and the end of the story.
  3. If you could, would you change the ending?  Why or why not?
  4. Which character was your favorite and why?
  5. What was the problem in the story?  What was the solution?
  6. What was your favorite part of the story?
  7. Write a recommendation to a friend to tell then why they should read this book.
  8. What was the author’s purpose (reason) for writing this story?
  9. Name one cause and effect from the story.
  10. Who is the hero?
  11. Who was the villain?
  12. Give the book a new title and explain why you chose it.
  13. Retell the story in a picture(s)?
  14. Is this story real or fantasy?  Give three details to support your choice.
  15. Name the characters, the setting and the plot of the story.
  16. Summarize the story in three sentences.
  17. How did this book make you feel?  Use an emotion word in your answer.
  18. Choose one character from the story and name at least three traits of that character.
  19. Write three facts and one opinion about the story.
  20. What was the lesson/moral of the story?
  21. How difficult was this book for you to read?  Explain why.
  22. Would you read this story again?  Why or why not?
  23. List 5 adjectives to describe this book/story.
  24. What was the most exciting part of the story?
  25. Would you read another book by the same author?  Why or why not?




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