2019-2020 HFW

As the children learn to read, they will encounter words often seen repeatedly in writing.  These words are called high frequency words (HFW).  Some people refer to them as sight words because these words are expected to be memorize and should be read on sight (without the need to sound them out).  When children memorize high frequency words, reading becomes easier.  The automatic recall of frequently seen words allows for more fluent reading.  This in turn will improve reading comprehension.

Each week, the children will be given a few of these words to practice.  We will be working with these words in class through writing and games.  I will be sending home the words as well.  Please reinforce these words with the children at home.  Here is a list of suggested activities you can try to make learning fun.  Fun Ways to Practice Sight Words


High Frequency Words 

Unit 1

Unit 2

Unit 3

Unit 4

Unit 5


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