Spelling Your Way Assignments

In order to help you become a wonderful speller, you will be able to choose the fun activities you do each night.  Remember…You need to use all your spelling words unless the activity number is starred.  For those activities, you need to use at least 6 of your spelling words.


  1. You will choose one activity to do each night Monday – Wednesday.
  2. Do not do any activities more than once per week!
  3. All work should be written or stapled into your spelling notebook.



*1.     Awesome Sentences:   Use words in sentences answering one of the following:

who, what, where, when, why, how.

Example:  Sally went to the supermarket to buy milk. (ans. where, why)

2.  LSCW:   Look at the word.  Say the word.  Cover the word.  Write the word.  Do this for EVERY word.

3.  Three Times Each:   Write each spelling word three times each.

4.    Play-Doh Words:   Spell out each word using Play-Doh.  Write “Play-Doh Words” in your notebook and have a parent sign to acknowledge that the assignment was complete.

*5.    Rhyming Robin:   Write your words.  Underline all of the vowels in your words.  Say each vowel sound.  Then write a new rhyming word for each of the spelling words.

Example (for the word bee):  bee – tree  (both has /ee/ sound)

  6.   ABC Order:   Write ALL of the spelling words in alphabetical order.

*7.    Write and Draw:   Write your words and then draw them to show their meaning.

Example:  star *

  8.  Type your words:   Type all of the spelling words into a computer.  Do not use spell check.  Print out your list and correct your words.  Then staple the list into your notebook.

9.  Pyramid Words:   Write the first letter of the word on the first line.  Then write the first and second letters of the word on the second line.  Repeat the pattern until you’ve spelled the word.  Do this for every word.

Example:         c

 c a

c a t


** Please remember to write the date and name of the activity on the top of your notebook page!

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