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Time Capsule

I am sharing this optional activity in case anyone is interested.  We are living through history right now.  One way to remember what it is like during this time is to make a Time Capsule.  Write down the things we did, how we felt, and what the world is like around us.  We can even include drawings, newspaper clippings, or objects that represent our lives right now.  Many years from now, we might look back and be in awe with what we are able to handle together.


Children's Activity: COVID-19 Time Capsule - 9 & 10 News


Autism Awareness Day

April 2 is World Autism Awareness Day. While we miss all of our students, I know that our teachers and staff are thinking about our children with special needs with a heavier heart. We understand how interruptions to daily routines come with a host of different challenges for our children with autism.


Julia, a character with autism, was added to Sesame Street in 2017. While all children with autism are different, just like all of us are different, Julia displays some of the characteristics that are common for children with autism. If you haven’t met Julia, take some time to watch this video as a family and talk about the people we know and love with autism. 


Sesame Street: Meet Julia   

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You can also show your support for children and adults with autism by selecting a page to color.

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